"We have an idea and we want you as a partner. Are you with us?" Who can imagine what must have been going through Bernardo Caprotti’s mind when he was asked this. Only five years prior, his father had died and left him in charge of the family manufacturing company. He had become knowledgeable and comfortable in the industry and leaving this safe one for something absolutely innovative and new, must have made Caprotti hesitate. As the story goes, in the end he took the risk and entered a joint venture with his brothers and the Rockefeller Group. The new venture was founded in 1957 and named the “Italian Supermarkets Spa”: and it laid down the foundation of Esselunga as we know it today. It was the first "American supermarket” chain in Italy. The inauguration of the first retail outlet opened up November of that year, in a former boutique in Milan, Regina Giovanna street to be precise. Max Huber, a very renowned and influential graphic designer, decided to use a "S" for the logo with the elongated top that comes to the end of the "Supermarket" which is has since become an iconic symbol of the brand. Esselunga has not stopped or slowed down, reaching record numbers: 22,000 employees, 149 sales outlets and 6.8 ​​billion turnover. And all of it was possible because, that evening, a young Milanese entrepreneur decided to leave what he already knew for the unknown. #Storyoftheday