The American Dream becomes a project

Italian Sounding is that phenomenon in which the United States market (and other markets as well) propose products with an Italian flavor, the names of which have an Italian sound and the packaging flaunts the tricolor flag and, when applicable, has a small label that reveals the true origin of the product: Turkey, Spain, Egypt, USA, China… This phenomenon which could discourage Italian companies is actually an opportunity to reaffirm the Italian nature of our products; it is an opportunity for those who want to find and challenge a fertile market for the true Italian, Italian for Italian’s sake. To help those Italian producers proud of the genuine Italian nature of their products, Nuove Sales offers opportunities for efficient and direct market research in the relevant field with professionals, specialists, and experts in your target market. Nuove Sales offers a fast track to the American market in the form of live interviews with experts, operators, distributors, and stores in order to deepen and improve your knowledge of the United States market. This service allows you to quickly receive precise information on the American market in order to verify if a commercial idea, a product, or a sales model will have the right appeal and chance of success in the United States. The American Dream becomes a project.