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How Paul & Shark U.S.A. Inc. launched its new Line With Adventure Seeker and Athlete Eric Conover

Pulse-Advertising called upon travel enthusiast Erik Conover to properly test the new SHARK 777 three-layer water resistant jacket, part of the new collection, through a rigorous, athletic journey across Norway.

The result was a successful campaign that garnered over 1.3 million impressions and more than 70,000 total interactions on social media; a campaign that generated an overall feeling of strong interest and positivity towards the event and the brand as a whole, with a total average campaign engagement of 14.9%. Moreover, Paul & Shark’s follower base increased by 5.4% by the end of the campaign.

The takeaway? Involving an influencer in a highly engaging, travel focused campaign like the one developed with Paul & Shark allows brands to generate high levels of lasting engagement through a storytelling strategy that propels followers to keep coming back and share their thoughts on all the highlighted activities. More information at: