#StoryoftheDay is one that is near and dear to our hearts but also to our stomachs; It begins with a small patisserie in the hilly countryside of Piedmont, Italy, all the way back in the 1940s. The patisserie was owned and operated by a middle-aged man named Pietro. The small shop was struggling to stay open, the war made business scarce and he was unable to afford imported ingredients such as cacao beans because of high taxes. Pietro had an idea and as a last chance to save his shop, instead of using a lot of his precious cocoa, he decided to use hazelnuts and make a sweet paste out of them with just a little cocoa. Hazelnuts were a local, widely distributed and inexpensive, an ideal choice for Pietro. So one day in 1946, behind the closed door of his shop, a creamy hazelnut spread was invented. It was perfect for bread and easy to preserve. Little did he know that his product would make his surname one of the symbols of excellence in the Italian food industry. He was Pietro Ferrero and still today we are asking, "What would the world be without Nutella?"