Ralph Lauren

What are the odds that a man in his thirties, a son of Jewish immigrants from Belarus and who grew up in the Bronx, would become a global icon of style and luxury? Many would say his chances were slim, to say the least. But if you were to ask him, Ralph Lauren would tell you that one, small chance was all he needed. In 1967, against everyone and everything Ralph Lifschiltz (Lauren is not his original last name) founds his own label. It is called "Polo," after the sport that more then any other embodies the spirit of discrete elegance and classic style. But Lauren does not stop there: he wants his label to become something even greater.From its first inception Polo was—and remains— countercurrent and avantguarde: unusual, rich, and flamboyant fabrics, with unmistakable styles, seen in everything from polo shirts to more formal dress shirts. All this follows from Ralph Lauren's one and only rule: "there are no rules when it comes to style." Today, the son of the bronx house painter, who was bullied at school due to his foreign last name, is one of the wealthiest men in the world, with an estimated  $5.5 billion patrimony and remains an example of style for the entire world. And when asked how he beat the odds, Mr. Ralph 'Lifschiltz' Laurence responds, "How did you do it? Was it thanks to the money and the class? No. It was thanks to a dream" #StoryoftheDay