Why micro - influencers are important to boost sales in North America?

EFFECTIVENESS: micro influencers are much more active than their peers—compared to average consumers, they hold 22.2 times more conversations per week AUTHENTICITY: influencer marketing outperforms traditional digital advertising by 11X because consumers would rather hear from real people than brands MILLENIALS: by 2020, millenials will total more than 1.4 Trillion in spending power. The millenial buyer is digital first, socially savvy and seeking content personalized to their age, location and cultural interests INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK? The top advantage that Instagram has over not only Facebook, but every other social media channel, is engagement. A study on social media engagement looked at over three million user interactions with over 2,500 brands on seven social networking sites. Six out of the seven social media sites including Facebook and Twitter had less than a 0.1% engagement rate. The seventh social network was Instagram, which had an astounding 4.21% engagement rate. That’s 58 times the engagement rate of Facebook. Learn how Nuove Sales can set up your influencers campaign