Luigi Lavazza

Today’s #StoryoftheDay is made of emotions, obstacles, transformations and insights into the future, all encapsulated in a simple cup of coffee. Our story begins in 1895, when Luigi Lavazza opened his first grocery store on Via San Tommaso in Turin.His day begn like any other, surrounded by mountains of bags of coffee imported from far-off countries, when suddenly an idea struck him: why sell just one variety of coffee like every other grocer does? Why not mix them?And like so, the concept of mixed brew born, an idea never before considered even among the most sophisticated coffee roasters. Luigi begins combining coffee from different parts of the world, mixed and roasted together, to satisfy the taste of each customer and create new flavors and aromas. This new concept becomes so popular that within two decades the small grocery company becomes a joint stock company, and continued to climb, today reaching 1.4 billion in revenue, 2500 employees, and a brand recognized around the world.All starting from a simple, effective idea. Like a cup of coffee.  #StoryoftheDay