Client`s Objective

Launch the import and distribution of plastic film in the United States


Analysis of the market and the competition, formulation of product mix and price, launch and management of commercial activities.

  • Identification of sales channels and recruitment of distributors to serve the final customers.
  • Coordinate with the parent company the production procedures necessary to reach the quality standards of the North American market.
  • Opening and management of the customer’s US subsidiary, including all logistics, after-sales, administration and finance.
  • Startup and management of the first production site the United States

Carlo Bergamaschi – General Manager Valfilm

The support of Nuove Sales was crucial in our entering into the U.S. and establishing our business successfully in the market.

In the first phase of this strategic project, Nuove Sales provided the contacts to analyze the ideal location for basing our warehouse in North America, the tax benefits relating to our direct presence in the US market, and all other aspect necessary to starting a thriving business in this country.

In the second phase, Nuove Sales provided us with close support in managing all aspects of our American subsidiary: from production to sales, growing the business until we were capable of increasing our investment and taking direct control of an established business structure.

Nuove Sales was the perfect solution to starting a business in the U.S.A.

  • Passed the threshold of sales needed to justify the first production plant in the USA