Brunello Cucinelli 

"Estimation creates responsibility, and responsibility generates creativity." Brunello Cucinelli's story is an extraordinary story. And not just because it is a beautiful example of success, 100% Italian. But also because it indicates a road: passion for man and product value go hand in hand. Brunello was born from a peasant family in a small village of Perugia, 64 years ago. He enrolled in the faculty of engineering, but he interrupted his studies to follow an intuition: color the cashmere. Why cashmere? Because "it is a material that never gets thrown away, something that lasts forever." In 1978, he founded a business, which cultivated the dream of creating a place where work was truly respectful of the moral and economic dignity of a man. Everything came as a result. The site was a ruined 14th century castle in Solomeo, not a large building in a large city. The working time was from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. After there was a ban on sending and receiving emails for all the employees, the salaries were 20% higher than the industry standard. Brunello Cucinelli is not just a brand, but a real way of doing business, destined to leave its mark. #StoryoftheDay