Edwin Land 

Before Kevin Systrom and his Instagram. Before Steve Jobs and Apple. Before all of them there was another person who had the goal of “making the instant eternal.” A man who wanted to give to anyone the chance to stop time and memories. #StoryoftheDay is of Edwin H. Land, “the last of the great geniuses” as he is called. Second only to Edison in the number of patents filed, Land was an inventor, a businessman and among other things, founder of Polaroid Corporation. Our story begins with a pair of plastic sunglasses. This was the great invention of the life of Edwin H. Land, with a special plastic sheet capable of polarizing light. In 1948, the extraordinary intuition destined to change his life finally came; instead of trivial sunglasses, why not use fabric - incredibly sensitive to light - to develop a photographic film? The revolutionary result for the time was the ability to immediately print the photos taken without the use of ink. For the first time ever, on that day, time was stopped and became something concrete and luminous. Like a Polaroid snapshot. #StoryoftheDay