Enrico Piaggio

Few know that Piaggio was a highly successful producer of speedboats, airplanes and and seaplanes before he became one of the leading manufacturers of two-wheeled vehicles. The Second World War, which had destroyed the factories, forced Piaggio to make a choice: change or die. Rinaldo Piaggio accepted the risk of change, deciding to focus on a prototype, which would become the soul of the company: the timeless Vespa Scooter. When it was made, the same Piaggio exclaimed “it looks like a wasp!” (“Vespa” in Italian), due to the buzzing sound from the motor. Since then, Piaggio produced millions and millions of two-wheel mopeds and motorcycles that became a symbol of the Italian way of life, thanks to movies and historic pictures. The head-quarters are still in Pontedera, near Pisa (Tuscany), but the company now has a revenue of over 1.3 billion and is always seeking new markets like the Indian one. And the airplanes? Well, you don’t need to have airplanes to fly, when you are not afraid of changing.  #StoryoftheDay