Enzo Ferrari

Celebrated, admired and feared, outlining the global future of the automotive industry, while always wearing his dark sun-glasses. Enzo Ferrari’s story is about a “lasher of men”: an unconventional man, having a difficult character, it would not be uncommon for him to scream in the office, but he would always lead by example. He was not an engineer, a manager, or an expert in finance, but rather a former driver passionate about his job, which pushed him to start building race cars at the age of 49. He didn’t’ spend his money in small luxuries, but always reinvested the money back into his company (which he would always refer to as “Factory”). On his 90th birthday party, which he celebrated with his employees and without any celebrities or important personalities, he said he had so many projects yet to do, because “my favorite Ferrari is the next one.” Today, the “Factory” is one of the fastest growing companies in the world, with net revenues of Euro 3.1 billion (+8,8%). Ferrari’s brand is one of the most known and every year the company sells almost 7,000 racing cars. Not one more, because style is not for all. Just like passion. #StoryoftheDay