Eugene Schueller 

#StoryoftheDay not only speaks about an extraordinary invention but also about the irresistible passion of a man for the small problems of every day. Eugene Schueller, a difficult name to pronounce, was typical of Alsace, a French region bordering Germany. Eugene was a young chemist, a graduate of the Institute of Applied Chemistry, and for years had been passionately dedicated to university research in Paris of 1904. One day a friend of his hairdresser posed a problem that had been haunting him for months; his clients hated white hair, which they considered an unsightly sign of their years. But how to fix this? After numerous attempts and many failures, Schueller finally succeeded in the enterprise; he patented a dyeing formula able to color hair without damaging it. It was a revolutionary discovery that lead the chemist to start his business in a small apartment in Paris, divided between an office and the demonstration hall. At night, he produced products under his patent, during the day he would sell them to the enthusiastic old ladies of Paris from Belle Époque. The name of the magical product? What a question. L'Oréal obviously. #StoryoftheDay