Fratelli Jacuzzi

What is innovation? Is it inventing? Is it creating from scratch? Is it upsetting habits? This too, surely. But there is a kind of innovation that is subtler, which represents a revolution without necessarily creating something new. Because sometimes innovating means simply applying the ordinary in an unusual way. Just like the #StoryoftheDay of the Jacuzzi. A simple company that produced propellers for the US Air Force was founded by two Italian-Americans from California. Coming from Friuli-Venezia Giulia, they decided to move the headquarters of their multinational company in 1970 to their grandparent’s village, near Pordenone. It is incredible to think that it was a random invention. In 1956, one of Mr. Jacuzzi’s sons began to suffer of rheumatoid arthritis so his father designed a therapeutic device for him. He joined the mechanism of a pump with a bathtub in order to produce massaging bubbles to relieve his child’s pain. The invention remained in the house until 1968, when Roy Jacuzzi sensed its potentiality and decided to produce it in series. Since then, the luxury market has not been the same. Nothing special, just bubbles. #StoryoftheDay