Giancarlo Zanatta

Not just any product, but a “lunar” product. It was born under the sign of the moon, influenced by the whirling pace of consumerism and the diktat of color, and blown up in Pop Art. A cult object in technical footwear that became king of the fashion and sports crossover. Whom are we talking about? Of the Moon-Boot of course! And it is incredible that everything started from a real walk on the moon. Inspiration is everywhere. In 1969, Neil Armstrong took the first step on the Moon. Thousands of miles away, Giancarlo Zanatta was struck by a vision of the astronaut’s padded foot. A powerful image and, at the same time, a brilliant intuition; this is how an innovative Italian product was born. Nylon was used instead of hide or leather, while color was used instead of a classic brown, there was interchangeability of the right foot with the left one and, above all, an irreverent and provocative design. It is the beginning of a planetary fame that will involve even Paul McCartney and Paris Hilton. Actually, after the Moon, only Earth remained to be conquered. #StoryoftheDay