Henry Royce e Charles Rolls 

Maybe if you have the right idea you can get success. Maybe if you know how to sell, you'll know how to make your way. But only if you can do both, you will enter the legend. #StoryoftheDay is born from the tenacity and desire of revenge of a single man: Henry Royce. Born very poor thanks to his talent, Royce founded a small company that produced dynamo. But it is the innate passion for mechanics that illuminated his eyes every time a car drifted down the road. The first vehicles; however, did not satisfy him. They were noisy, stubborn and only worked sometimes. He then decided to build it by himself and on the 1st of April 1904, the "Royces" covered its first km of road. Comfortable, quiet and easy to handle, the fame of the new car reached up to Charles Rolls, the right man to turn a good idea into a legend. Talented seller, Rolls senses that Royce's car has charm and elegance. The two make an agreement; Rolls will sell all the cars Royce produces and Royce will produce all the machines that Rolls will be able to sell. The two names will join so indissolubly and become a symbol of reliability and style on an international level. It is the story of two different people, and that's why it's a great success story. "The Rolls-Royce story is not about cars, no cars are sold here, dreams are sold" #StoryoftheDay