Ingvar Kamprad 

#StoryoftheDay begins far away, on a rusty bicycle in the huge and snow-covered Swedish forests. He was only 5 years old and yet Ingvar Kamprad was not intimidated when he went around the village of Ljungby defying the cold and the snow. At the age of 7, he was already buying consumer goods in Stockholm, where it costed less and helped increase his margins. Hence, his company was born selling daily use items. It opened when he was only 17 years old with the small amount of money given to him by his father for the excellent results in his studies. Gradually, Ingvar understood that the real deal was in the furniture. Nevertheless, the catalogue that invents (16 pages with color illustrations that since then will be a brand of the company) is not enough. It is necessary to reduce production costs and occupy a slice of the market that does not yet exist. Finally, the idea came. Ingvar found such simple ways to build furniture that even costumers could mount directly at home. This now means IKEA in the world: design, high quality, low prices, but above all do-it-yourself. Such a long way to go, from that rusty bicycle. #StoryoftheDay