Leonardo Del Vecchio 

If they had told him that he would become the second richest man in Italy and the 50th in the world, he probably would have laughed out loud. Yet today Leonardo Del Vecchio is the founder of a world-renowned brand like Luxottica. It's an example for everyone that shows it does not matter how low you start, success is always within your reach. Del Vecchio was born in Milan in 1935, the last of four brothers. The family was so poor after the death of their fruit merchant father that the mother was forced to entrust it to an orphanage. Fifteen years ago, the apprentice in a frame factory and his superiors, were impressed by Del Vecchio’s dedication and urged him to study design at night classes in Brera. In 1958, near Belluno at the age of 23, he founded Luxottica s.a.s., a small eyeglass shop. It is a small, almost invisible beginning, but it will forever mark its destiny. What is the idea? To accompany the eyewear in all its phases, from the production of the individual parts, to the sale, always looking for an unmistakable style without ever yielding on high quality. An idea of 9 billion turnover and 77,734 employees worldwide. Yet the premises were not the best. #StoryoftheDay