Oscar Farinetti

You can reinvent yourself, even at 50 years of age. It does not necessarily need to be because things have gone wrong, but because you have an idea or a dream and you are willing to question everything for it, even your own successes. This is the #StoryoftheDay of a simple and curious man: Oscar Farinetti. In 2004, he decided to sell his supermarket chain called Unieuro, founded by his father. Unieuro was a leader of national supermarkets in Italy. He decided to do so not because business was bad, but rather to follow an overwhelming passion for local foods, quality, and the “Made in Italy.” He was also the first to see its immense potential. When he was 16 years old, Mark was thrown out of his home after fight with his mother and stepfather.  He slept on his friends’ couches when he could, and on the streets the other times. From these experiences, he learned how to be resilient in the face of adversity. It was not an easy time, but the entrepreneurial spirit was stronger. January 27, 2007: with the proceeds of the sale of Unieuro, Oscar sets up Eataly in the city of Turin.The company followed the simple belief that everyone deserves access to food quality, and local and organic ingredients. Today Eataly has 33 open stores, 12 abroad, with 5,000 employees and has a place among the “disruptive brand” in the Forbes ranking. Not bad for a new start. #StoryoftheDay