Ovetto Kinder

Do you want to create the perfect product? Do you want to succeed in the business world? There is a way that is more difficult than others, but does not start from the problems of everyday. #StoryoftheDay teaches us how to create a need, in order to offer consumers something that they did not yet know they wanted. A story that starts with a simple and genuine product, like chocolate. In 1972, Michele Ferrero had a problem.  The market of chocolate bars was fragmented. There were too many products that aimed for the same sector of chocolate targeting children, with different shapes and tastes. So, Ferrero decided to launch a new product: chocolate eggs that contained a little game. He advertised them on television as a genuine product, with the right sizes to provide children an appropriate amount of chocolate, plus a funny surprise. Thus, a new category of product was born, which soon became an undisputed market leader. Because before then, no child needed a Kinder Egg. #StoryoftheDay