From a no-name firm to a multinational company. From pilots of the US Air Force to the Hollywood VIPs. #StoryoftheDay is about an exceptional path, made of innovation and intuition. All thanks to one great virtue: keeping up with the times. The secret of Ray-Ban’s success is the ability to combine insuperable care and protection of the eyes, with an unmistakable style. In the 1930s, Ray-Ban was the first company that managed to develop green lenses that can remove reflections without obscuring view. This was the perfect product for brave pilots of the US Air-Force. The story of Ray-Ban does not end here; in the 1950s, during the “boom” years of the cinematographic industry, Ray-Bans rose in the limelight and made their debut in Hollywood. A continuous growth that is always innovative was further shown in 2003 when the line of prescription lenses was launched. “Never hide”. Especially when you are the best. #StoryoftheDay