Renzo Rosso

This is the story of a brave man, “the genius of jeans”. A man who started from the bottom, like many others, and who has achieved success, like few others. But in a unique way, his own way. #StoryoftheDay is about a man who has never stopped investing in new things and people. With an obsession: always stand out from others. Renzo Rosso was born in a small village in the province of Padua, in 1955. The family of humble origins were all farmers, butRenzo was different. Actually, this was almost the first pair because he enjoyed making clothes with his mother’s sewing machine ever since he was a child. The name Diesel is unique and upstream. The stone washed jean technique upset the market. It was the first to tear the fabric and leave holes. In 1995, he was already selling products online, while others were still trying to understand what the internet is. Too fast? What else to expect from a child who sewed jeans in secret? #StoryoftheDay