Richard Branson 

Dyslexic and with bad grades at school; If anyone could have bet on the fate of that young blond boy from London, we doubt he would. Brunello Cucinelli's story is an extraordinary story. And not just because it is a beautiful example of success, 100% Italian. But also because it indicates a road: passion for man and product value go hand in hand. But that blond boy was Richard Branson and he was destined to amaze us. Branson mailed alternative music records. He decided to call the company Virgin, "because we were all new in the business world." The breakthrough came with a choice as bold as risky. Branson decided to publish revolutionary music, rejected by all other record companies because it was not fully understood: The Sex Pistols, the Genesis, the Rolling Stones. It was an immediate success. But why stop? If "business is fun," nothing is too difficult or risky: at that moment, the Virgin group gathered 400 companies that dealt with aircraft, credit cards, drinks, cosmetics, space travel and much more. On the last day of school, his professor, Robert Drayson, said that Branson had a clear destiny: "Either ends up in jail or becomes a millionaire." It's over that he became one of the richest men in the United Kingdom. #StoryoftheDay