Nuove Sales - Lead Generation


Generating qualified leads is perhaps the single most difficult activity facing foreign companies operating in the US market. 


We offer several digital lead generation programs to help supercharge your sales team by delivering qualified leads. 


Market entry programs into new territories or segments.

New product or service launches that need to hit the ground running.

Any company seeking to maintain or increase incoming leads to sales teams.



Short-term lead generation program centered on targeted, outbound activities including social media outreach, emails, and cold calls.


Medium to long-term lead generation program focused on inbound lead generation. The main strategy is built on content creation and distribution.


Comprehensive digital marketing program with the dual function of developing brand awareness and expanding your sales pipeline.

Nuove Sales - Lead Starter


This program is ideal if your company is new to digital lead generation.

We can jump-start your lead pipeline in 4 to 6 months with relatively low upfront investments.

The perfect solution to see immediate results, Lead Starter is not designed for long-term pipeline development: there are a finite number of touchpoints.

Primary Objective: Generate Marketing Qualified Leads and Sales Qualified Leads

Secondary Objective: Construct Comprehensive Target Account & Prospect List

Nuove Sales - Lead Magnet


This program can function as a standalone program or in conjunction with a Lead Starter program.


While Lead Magnet requires a greater investment in strategic content creation and distribution, it is characterized by an increasing rate of return: the longer you do it, the better the results.

Primary Objective: Generate Marketing Qualified Leads and Sales Qualified Leads

Secondary Objective: Increase Brand Awareness

Nuove Sales - Lead Nurture


Most effective after a strong base of leads have been developed, the program is designed to keep your company in front of your potential customers and nurture “cold” leads into “hot” sales opportunities.


While specific tactics vary greatly from project to project, the main strategy combines a general communication campaign with personalized follow-ups and account-based content development.

Primary Objective: Grow Brand Awareness

Secondary Objective: Convert Marketing Qualified Leads and Sales Qualified Leads

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